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Events for Weavers, Knitters and Spinners

Stitches West
  February 20 to 23, 2014 (Thursday to Sunday)  
  Santa Clara, CA  
  Needlework enthusiasts from around the world will be at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival
  May 3 & 4, 2014 (Saturday & Sunday)  
  Howard County Fairgrounds, West Friendship, MD  
  It's free! It's fun! It's fabulous, and it's always the first full weekend in May! If you are new to the Festival, expect wonderful adventure and education in all things sheep and wool. The Festival Committee has created a feast for the senses this year. Taste lamb cooked by area chefs, talk to shepherds, enjoy the many presentations and exhibits, and discover a multitude of opportunities to buy materials, supplies, and finished goods from more than 250 vendors. Admire more than 1,000 sheep and then learn from the shepherds more than 40 different breeds in a living display. Watch the craft of sheep dogs nudging sheep into pens. Attend one or more of the many classes and seminars on fiber arts offered before and during the event weekend.

The Mannings Annual Spinning Seminar
  June 14, 2014 (Saturday)  
  The Mannings  

CARDING MACHINES - Come and watch Otto and Joanne Strauch demonstrate the use of their beautifully made drum carders and related equipment. You probably recognize the name, "Strauch Carder". They are the manufacturers of these fine machines and they are more then happy to answer your questions about carding your fibers whether they are wool, alpaca, llama or mohair and give you lots of helpful hints to make your fiber preparation easier.

CIRCULAR SOCK MACHINES - A variety of sock machines will be on display along with various items made on sock machines. Hand spun, hand cranked items will also be on display. Stop by and talk with Sharon Hilgers and Pat Flynn about these wonderfully versatile machines. Sharon and Pat have a combined experience of over 25 years cranking out socks and more on circular sock machines.

COTTON & HEMP SPINNING - Cotton has been used as a handspinning fiber for thousands of years, yet today many people think of it as a difficult fiber to work with because of its short staple length. Joan Ruane from Bisbee, AZ has been teaching spinning for over 30 years. After taking a class with Persis Grayson, Joan fell in love with cotton. It was important for her to learn all she could about this wonderful soft, short staple fiber. So she studied with Harry and Olive Linder who were the known experts in cotton spinning. Joan will be joining us to share her knowledge of cotton and cotton spinning.

CREATING ARTISTIC YARNS - If you like to spin "out of the box" yarns full of expression and texture or if you are curious about corespinning, coils, chain plying, tailspinning, using add ins and the like, come hang out with Christiane Knight. Christiane is the owner and artist of Three Ravens Fiber Studio who blends amazing fibers, colors and textures into tactile rainbows of awesomeness.

DYEING WITH INDIGO PLANTS - Jeanne and John Frett live at Pinxterbloom Farm in southeastern PA. Jeanne spins, dyes and turns the fiber into knitted garments and weaving projects. She also grows indigo, both Japanese (Polygonum tinctorium) and South American (Indigofera suffruticosa), and teaches classes where students harvest, process and decorate silk scarves with this intriguing blue dye. Mohair Goats - When not teaching horticulture at the University of Delaware, John tends his herd of 40 white and colored Angora goats, breeds them, has animals and fleeces available to interested buyers.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR SPINNING WHEEL HAPPY - We are often asked about the maintenance of spinning wheels. Even competent and experienced spinners sometimes lack the understanding of what is required to keep their wheel in tip top shape. Many times a simple cleaning, oiling and the tightening of a few nuts and bolts are all you need to have your wheel spinning happily. Ron Woolcock will discuss how to keep your wheel running smoothly and if a more serious problem arises, he'll give you some helpful ideas on what to do to revive your wheel or put it out of its misery. Bring your questions or better yet your wheel to have Ron look at it. From 1:00 to 4:00 only

KNITTING & WEAVING WITH YOUR HANDSPUN - Most spinners see their handspun yarn become a knitting project, but are skeptical of using handspun yarns for weaving projects and especially for warp. Kris Peters has been spinning and weaving as a personal creative outlet since 1975 but spent a year and a half as a production weaver for a clothing designer in Williamsport, PA, which gave her the courage to cut her handwoven cloth. Kris has a small flock of hand-spinning sheep. JoAnne Trygg has been spinning wool and angora from her sheep and bunnies for 20 years. They both use their yarn for warp and weft as well as knitting. Come see what they have made from their handspun and you will gain the courage to try it yourself.

LLAMAS AND THEIR FIBER - Linda Brown raises and sells animals suitable for fiber production, breeding, competition , and companionship. Her llamas produce soft fiber with little or no guard hair which is hand spun and used to create woven, knitted or felted projects. Linda will have llamas and some examples of her beautiful shawls and hand made items for you to see.

SHEEP SHEARING - Roclan is a small sheep farm owned by John and Kate Bostek in Fairfield, PA specializing in blanketed fine wool fleece. Along with Cormo and white and natural colored Border Leicester, Roclan is the home of registered Rambouillet sheep and Angora goats. Both Border Leister and Cormo sheep will be joining them so you can become more familiar with these breeds. Shearer Emily Chamelin will be demonstrating sheep shearing and Kate will show us how to prepare and spin these wools.

SILK SPINNING - Jan Derry has been spinning and playing with fiber since childhood Currently employed as a public librarian, Jan has raised a generation of silkworms in her home annually for at least the last 15 years. With a brief daily walk around the neighborhood to pick mulberry leaves from roadsides, parks and her unsuspecting neighbors' yards, Jan rears Bombyx Mori from eggs to cocoons to eggs. Her favorite form of craft silk is degummed cocoons which she also loves to dye with synthetic or natural dyes.

SPINNING ON ANTIQUE WHEELS - Ron Tyler from Rochester, NY will be showing you how to spin on two of his antique spinning wheels. He will show how to card rolags for spinning on a wool wheel or great wheel. He will also have his Irish Castle wheel from the first half of the 19th century.

TWINED RAG RUGS - Twined rag rugs are durable and beautiful and can have intricate patterning. Circular twined rag rugs are an uncommon variation of this technique made without any tension on the warps, like baskets but using flexible fabrics. Bobbie Irwin, of Montrose, Colorado, will be demonstrating how to make circular rugs (and maybe rag baskets, also). Bobbie has studied twined rag rugs for many years and is partly responsible for the resurgence of this traditional folk craft, which was in danger of disappearing. She is the author of the books Twined Rag Rugs and Twist & Twine, the only two books ever written about these remarkable rugs.

WOOL COMBING - John and Carol Huff will show you how to comb wool and prepare it for worsted spun yarn. Come and learn the differences between Viking, and English combs. Wool combs are great for blending fibers and blending dyed colors of wool. John and Carol will help you learn which combs are correct for your combing needs.


The Mannings Annual Knit-In
  August 2, 2014 (Saturday)  
  The Mannings  
  Back by popular demand, Knit-In will again be held at The Mannings. This is not a structured event, but rather a day of relaxing and knitting with good friends. All knitters are invited to attend. There is no fee. Cold drinks and cookies will be provided along with door prizes. Participants are asked to bring lunch for themselves, a chair and, of course, their knitting. If weather permits, knitters may sit outside under the trees on this spacious property. There is also plenty of room inside in case of inclement weather.

Knitters' Day Out
  September 19 & 20, 2014 (Friday & Saturday)  
  Enola, PA  

Stitches East
  October 9 to 12, 2014 (Thursday to Sunday)  
  Hartford, CT  
  Needlework enthusiasts from around the world will in Hartford, CT, for the annual STITCHES Needlework Fair and Consumer Market. Attendees get a chance to meet, learn, and share their interest in the needle arts with knowledgeable and enthusiatic designers, teachers, and authors. Over 120 classes are held over the four days; preregistration is required. The fabulous STITCHES market is filled with over 150 booths selling yarn, books, gadgets, etc. and features free demonstrations, door prizes, and a Beginning Knitter's booth. Admission charge.

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